Training Methods

In due time I will put up some brief PDFs here on the website explaining the training methods I advocate. Yes, I recommend that you read the books, do the exercises and so on. But there are no tricks and no secrets, so I will write some brief explanations to make it clear how I teach thinking in chess.

For now, these are the methods:

  • 3Q – Three questions: 1. Where are the weaknesses? 2. What is my opponent’s idea?. 3. Which is the worst placed piece? 
  • Seeing – Learning to look at a position and see the possibilities you do not see intuitively.
  • Resistance – The mix of intuition and concentration in calculation
  • 4D – Four different types of decisions:
    1. Automatic
    2. Simple Decisions (3Q)
    3. Critical Moments (calculation – intuition does not work here)
    4. Strategic Decisions (mix of 2&3 and/or long term/deep decisions…)
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