GM Preparation Series

gmprepThis six-volume series, published 2012-15, is meant to offer training material for players wanting to achieve GM-level as well as GMs. But with every chapter getting increasingly more difficult, the books are useful for players rated from 2000 and up (with the exception of Positional Play). 

 A lot of the books in this series pay homage to my friend and hero Mark Dvoretsky in their titles. 



calc Building on Excelling at Calculation, this book offers a few hundred challenging exercises that I have used with my students. Mark Dvoretsky again offered advice for the forming of the book.    

Positional Play: This book explains the 3Q training method in depth. I use this method both with beginners and top 100 players. It is my strongest training tool and not surprisingly, this is the book of mine I would recommend to most people first.



Strategic Play:

strategic Deeper exercises with both positional angles and a lot of calculation. I find this book rather challenging, but for some GMs, it is easy. Bastards!


Attack & Defence:

attack and defence The work book to Attacking Manual 1, though you do not need to read AM1 in order to work with this book and get the most out of it. This book was not that successful, maybe because people felt they already had Attacking Manual 1 and did not need to double up on their mating skills. But for those who have ever asked me to do a Calculation 2 – this is it!


Endgame Play:

endgame From a technical point of view, this is the best of the five work books. The best exercises, the most wonderful chess, most new ideas. The book is not in competition with the great endgame books, such as Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual or Fundamental Chess Endings. Rather, this book begins where they end, focusing on the practical side of playing endgames.


Thinking inside the Box:

The title is taken from a Jordan’s cereal commercial, but explains well my thinking. If you are serious about improving in chess, you do not need philosophical and extensial theories, but simple workable techniques that will help you make better decisions during the game. I am not against deep ideas (on the contrary), you just cannot have them on every move. 

But this is just drivel for now – I have yet to write the book, which will be the theoretical overhead for the five work books, as well as the coming Grandmaster Training series (2016-7). The book will be out in the middle of 2015, once it is fully written!

Working with Nikos

Also known as Nikolaos Ntirlis (pronounced Dirlis). What can you say about such a wonderful person and loyal friend? Nikos has prepared this website for me, he helps us in Quality Chess with technical issues as well as doing a LOT of opening work for us. Obviously he is paid, but more importantly, I love him (non-romantically, in case that was unclear!) and will always be grateful for all his help.

Nikos has been my second when I was playing seriously. Often I would have an advantage from the opening as well as 30-60 minutes extra on the clock. He also helped the Danish national team at the 2012 and 2014 Olympiads. 

Together we have written two opening books. 


Grandmaster Preparation 10:

tarrasch The Tarrasch Defence: Based on a long series of discoveries by Nikos, this book completely changed the story about the Tarrasch for me. I was deeply involved, analysed everything, rewrote every word and turned every stone. I also played the Tarrasch with a great score for a while, until the book came out and people could pick and choose where I would have to remember too many moves for it to be practical to do so. A great opening and a nice book in my opinion.


Playing the French:

french This book we planned together. The repertoire is basically my choices all over the place, but in the end Nikos did most of the work. He told me where he had problems and I found some really nice ideas. But the book is 80+% Nikos and he deserves all the credit the book has received. I actually did not want my name on it, but he insisted. As the book is brilliant, I found it hard to decline. I also did not find it entirely misleading, but I have managed to convince Nikos to publish books in his own name in the future!


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