Excelling Book Series

 excFrom 2001-4 I wrote five Excelling books for Everyman Chess. I also wrote a lot of opening books for them, as well as co-wrote/edited books together with Alexander Raetsky, Maxim Chetveric, Jan Pinski and Endre Vegh. The Excelling books still have some value. This is what you can expect to find in them:


Excellling at Chess:

A book based on the idea “think like a human, not a computer”. I had sort of earned the right to write this book by accepting to write a book on the Stonewall Dutch (which still has some relevance!). I was sure that no one were going to be interested and wrote it for my friends. Thus Kasparov is criticised on one page and Finn Nohr praised on the next. I think the book successful, because it was very genuine and quite witty in places. Also, the level was not too high.

Excelling at Positional Chess:

A decent collection of strategic exercises and a few minor articles. I have not checked the exercises recently, but would be surprised if more than 10% were found to be incorrect with today’s computers.

Excelling at Chess Combinations:

A decent collection of combinations, all from the Sicilian Defence.

Excelling at Chess Calculation:

This marks my break-through as a chess author. The book builds strongly and openly on the ideas of Mark Dvoretsky with a few additions of my own. I was very proud when Mark mentioned it as a good and accessible book, rather than refer to his own books, when asked for a good place to read about calculation. I am sure he was just flattering me, but well, I was duly flattered!

Excelling at Technical Chess:

I used to be bad at playing endings. So I did some work on it and wrote about it. I am still really happy with this book.


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