Attacking Manual 1+2

amiI started writing on these books in 2002. They were finally published in 2008/10. I am incredibly happy with them still – I really feel that I managed to explain dynamics well and with good, less known, examples.


am1am2  Volume 1 explains the main principles of attack, while the second volume illustrates a lot of specific themes. Volume 1 is quite original and I managed to make it so simple to understand, that some strong players told me they felt it was rather general and obvious. I doubt they understood that they were commending me when saying this ;-). 


Practical Chess Defence:

defenceA spin-off from the work on the Attacking Manuals. I was looking at examples and with the computers having increased their playing strength, I managed to find all kinds of beautiful defences to well known “winning” combinations. The book is quite difficult, but for its limited audience, it is also rather rewarding. Or so I have heard!

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