aagaard I am a chess writer, trainer and publisher, living in Scotland. I used to be a decent player and won the 2007 British Championship and 2012 Scottish Championship, but these days I only play rarely and without ambition. 

I am very proud of my chess books. I wrote a five volume series for Everyman from 2001-4, two Attacking Manuals and am working on the final volume of six in a series called Grandmaster Preparation. My books have generally been high level, technical books for players wanting to improve their game through serious work. Although my books are not always equally accessible, I have managed to win the four major awards for chess books: ChessCafe.com (Excelling at Chess, 2001), ECF (Attacking Manual 1+2, 2010), FIDE’s Boleslavsky Award (Attacking Manual 1+2, 2012) and the Association of Chess Professionals (Grandmaster Preparation: Calculation, 2013). I see this as my greatest professional achievement and although I know this does not make me the best chess writer, I am extremely proud to be the first to win all four.

Although I loved working with Byron Jacobs of Everyman, there came a time when I needed full control over the whole process and I co-founded Quality Chess. I have now worked together with GM John Shaw for over 10 years, where we have achieved a lot of the goals we set out to achieve and published roughly 100 books. 

The last few years I have worked more and more as a coach. I have helped grandmasters from Asia, Europe, South and North America. It is very rewarding to share in passionate people’s journey toward better chess and I feel truly honoured that I have been allowed to do so. For a period I had the privilege to train the Danish elite, but the travelling become too much and I felt this strong urge to play one more Olympiad in 2014…

I also run the Nigel Short Chess Society out of Fettes College, for school kids from all over Edinburgh. 

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