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GM Preparation Series

This six-volume series, published 2012-15, is meant to offer training material for players wanting to achieve GM-level as well as GMs. But with every chapter getting increasingly more difficult, the books are useful for players rated from 2000 and up (with the exception of Positional Play). 

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Attacking Manual 1+2

I started writing on these books in 2002. They were finally published in 2008/10. I am incredibly happy with them still – I really feel that I managed to explain dynamics well and with good, less known, examples.


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Excelling Book Series

 From 2001-4 I wrote five Excelling books for Everyman Chess. I also wrote a lot of opening books for them, as well as co-wrote/edited books together with Alexander Raetsky, Maxim Chetveric, Jan Pinski and Endre Vegh. The Excelling books still have some value. This is what you can expect to find in them:

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